Fight for every lead, Win every job!

Fight for every lead, Win every job!

The market has definitely changed and most businesses have been impacted. For trades & services, although being affected during this crisis, we’re finding that search volume and lead volume is remaining quite steady, particularly via the channel of Google.

Lead Management and Sales have always been one of the most important factors within a trade business, but even more important now! Where we are seeing substantial changes forced to be made is not only in marketing, but in sales and essentially, ‘when the phone rings’ and how you service your customer.

When you’re marketing, you’re spending money on generating leads. However your marketing is only as effective as your sales and operation allows it to be.


Tips to Converting Leads and Servicing Customers:

1. No Missed Calls!

You’ve marketed for the call, you’ve paid to get the call. In this current market, you need to answer every call to increase your changes of winning the job!


2. Online Enquiry Response Time

For the same reason above, you need to get back to enquiries within minutes. There is a sense of urgency in the market and a quick your response time is needed.


3. Apply a Discount

Be flexible with your quotes and payment terms. Price is always a factor for your customer, but now more than ever! For you, Cash Flow is so important right now. Win the job!


4. Hours of Operation

Extend your operating hours to cater and accommodate your customers. Don’t let availability be the reason to why you lose a job


5. Travel Further

Don’t be picky with the leads you’re generating. Don’t be afraid to travel a little further and go outside of your area for a quality job. Every job, every dollar counts!



Don’t rely on your marketing to do all the heavy lifting during this crisis. When marketing meets sales and is then infused with a pinch of #survivalmode, great things happen.



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