Affiliate marketing trends Predicted for 2024: AiiMS Experts Share

Upcoming trends for 2024. read and stay ahead of the competition!

Explore the evolving landscape of B2B affiliate marketing in 2024 with insights from AiiMS. Discover how AI-driven matching, unified partnerships, increased collaboration, and the rise of influencers are shaping the future of affiliate marketing. Stay ahead of the competition - contact us today to unlock the full potential of B2B affiliate marketing.

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, one strategy that's making waves is affiliate marketing. While traditionally associated with B2C companies, this marketing approach is now finding its way into B2B partnerships, and businesses are increasingly recognizing its value as a cost-effective means to boost brand exposure, generate leads, and drive sales.

The affiliate marketing industry is undoubtedly thriving and shows no signs of slowing down. To get a glimpse of what the future holds, we turned to the experts at AiiMS for insights into the emerging trends that are poised to dominate the B2B affiliate marketing space in 2024.

AI will change the affiliate marketing game

AI-powered affiliate matching is already in use across different networks. It simplifies the process of reaching out to potential affiliates and recruiting them. This technology reduces the time-consuming tasks associated with managing affiliate programs, which, in turn, helps businesses grow faster.

Automation capabilities within affiliate platforms include:

  • Identify and analyse potential partners and their audiences.
  • Accept or decline affiliate applications based on a set of criteria.
  • Detect and prevent fraudulent activity.
  • Provide personalised affiliate support.
  • Make performance optimization recommendations.

Businesses will take a unified approach to partnerships.

In the B2B affiliate marketing realm of 2024, we'll witness a shift towards a unified approach to partnerships. Different teams and partner types will intersect, fostering long-lasting and multifaceted partnerships. Rather than being isolated within the marketing department, affiliate marketing will become integrated across the entire organization. This holistic approach promises a more cohesive and impactful affiliate marketing strategy.

 Collaborations with partners will increase

Collaboration will be the name of the game in 2024. Advertisers and publishers will explore innovative ways to immerse themselves in each other's marketing efforts. Brands and affiliates will forge closer relationships, going beyond the conventional affiliate partnership. This could include co-creating content, organizing joint webinars, and exploring revenue-sharing models, resulting in more dynamic and mutually beneficial collaborations

Influencers will take the centre stage 

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, influencers will take center stage in B2B affiliate marketing. While influencer marketing has been a dominant strategy in B2C marketing, it's set to play a crucial role in B2B marketing as well. This shift is driven by the fact that modern B2B buyers are younger, digital-first, and rely on social content to make informed decisions.

"Savvy" affiliate marketers will collaborate with B2B influencers who prioritize audience engagement. B2B influencers are typically experts in their respective fields, possessing highly authentic and loyal followings. These influencers could be consultants, analysts, journalists, authors, or speakers. Their expertise and reach will provide a fresh and effective avenue for B2B affiliate marketing efforts.

AiiMS Paving a Way For Future Trends

The dynamic nature of the marketing space is constantly challenging marketers to stay informed, adaptable, and open to embracing new strategies and technologies.

AiiMS has been and will continue to help businesses expand their reach and connect better with their audiences through trusted sources.

As we look forward to 2024, it’s crucial to stay ahead of these trends to unlock the full potential of B2B affiliate marketing.

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