CashPal Case Study, Fast Cash Loan Market

AiiMS knew to achieve such desired goals they had to ensure CashPal had a solid foundation from day one

A unique challenge, the goal was to achieve a strong online presence across ALL digital platforms while Google organic search being at the top of that list. Now, they're achieving 10,000 + personal loan applications each and every month! Here's how...

The Challenge

CashPal approached AiiMS (The Australian Institute of Internet Marketing Services) with a unique challenge, building a custom website that is 100% online however, more challenging the goal of achieving a strong online presence across all digital platforms while Google organic search being at the top of that list.

The Objective

CashPal was determined to enter the market of online loans, a space that is ultra-competitive with many competitors that have cemented their dominance both from a brand perspective and a digital presence perspective. CashPal knew very well this was going to be a long journey that would consist of both AiiMS and CashPal having to be committed on all levels to have any chance of achieving the goals.

Importance of Digital Assets:

AiiMS knew to achieve such desired goals they had to ensure CashPal had a solid foundation from day one, ensuring the website was built to not only achieve rankings but to be able to convert and convert really well for CashPal’s model to be profitable. AiiMS commenced with the branding which then led into the website design and development all being custom built with purpose, the custom website was built alongside the SEO team at AiiMS guaranteeing all SEO fundamentals were put in place prior to launching the website.

The Journey Begins

Once the custom website was set live, a tailored and custom SEO plan and strategy rolled out with clear direction on where CashPal needed to be over the next 12, 24, 36 month period. CashPal understanding that there are no quick wins in the world of SEO had clearly expectations of the harsh but yet reality. Within the first 12 months of SEO AiiMS was able to secure top positioning for one of the most competitive keywords “Quick Cash Loans”  ranking CashPal’s home page for one of the highest searched keywords was a substantial milestone that CashPal thought would only be achieved post 36 months.

Adapting Based On “Actual” Results

Having overachieved in the first 12 months, AiiMS and CashPal agreed on a slightly different strategy for the following 12-24 month period. Expanded the website to target keywords that had increased in search volume. Below were the targeted keywords AiiMS SEO team focused to achieve for CashPal.

Cash loans

Having set the targets and goals for the next year AiiMS SEO team went to work, all while working extremely close to the team at CashPal they were able to collaborate and build out the website to start ranking the above keywords. Before the year-end, AiiMS were able to secure front page positioning on Google for all keywords set out to achieve, most of those being in position 1 to 3.

It’s Time To Take Off The Blinkers

CashPal now having asserted itself as a leading medium-sized online lender finder in the personal loan industry across Australia and processing thousands of personal loan applications each week it was now time to start considering gaining dominance on other platforms such as paid ads on search along with social media platforms.

Social Media Matters..   

The team at CashPal were like most small to medium business owners when it came to social media, knowing it is important but convincing themselves they don’t need it.  Once coming to the realisation that social media really does matter and they need it, CashPal started working closely with the growing and talented social media team at AiiMS starting their social media journey. The social media team at AiiMS prepared a recommended action plan that was implemented across all social media platforms ensuring CashPal had consistent branding and messaging as that was the team at CashPal’s main objective from social media before commencing any paid social ads to generate leads.

Online Real Estate… It’s a real thing.

The team at CashPal knew very well they had secured amazing positioning on Google for not only high traffic but high converting keywords along with having a very strong social media presence it was then time to look at what we call at AiiMS “online real estate” and what better than gaining a spot on the top of Google? Exploring the world of paid ads on Google (Google Ads) CashPal saw this opportunity to open more doors to their website increasing the chance of capturing more potential clients. CashPal wanted to dominate the entire search results by having an ad on Google Ads for all keywords that were relevant to their offering while also having top positioning for Google Maps and ranking in the top 1-3 positions for organic results. CashPal knowing their number well was able to set a price they are happy to pay per application via paid ads, within 30 days of running paid ads on Google this was achieved by opening up another funnel of traffic that has high intent and coverts extremely well.


The result……

Without working extremely close with the team at CashPal, these amazing results could not have been achieved in half the time frame that was set out when CashPal approached AiiMS.

  • CashPal went from an idea to now achieving 10,000 + personal loan applications each and every month
  • CashPal is now an authority in the online personal loan industry
  • A digital asset that has over 2000 pages 
  • Ranking for over 500 keywords organically
  • Paid Ads campaign that has become extremely lucrative
  • Strong social presence representing CashPal’s brand, identity and offering
Fast Cash Loans Website


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CashPal Case Study, Fast Cash Loan

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