3 Factors You NEED To Consider When Building Your Website

More often than not business websites are built with subjective branding which isn’t specifically tailored to the customer.

For a service-based business, your website is a major asset and a major asset to your marketing. There are countless beautifully designed websites with high-quality imagery but built in a free template Website Builder which has strict limitations on its SEO ability.

3 Key Aspects to achieve peak performance on your website

  1. Know your customer
  2. Establish and finesse your brand
  3. Be positively visible on Google if you’re looking for peak performance

Collectively these 3 aspects have the power to harness the growth of your business.

Now, if you’re building a website for your service-based business your objective needs to be marketing, and how you’ll leverage your website as an asset to acquire new leads and win new customers. Consider these factors before you start building your site:

  • Organic search and SEO
  • How your website’s built and the structure of your site
  • The platform it’s been built in
  • Navigation- Effective user interface, and user experience
  • Load time – Page load time affects search engine rankings. Google uses a particular algorithm to determine a website positioning, and page speed is one of the factors analyzed.
  • Website content on your site will determine whether Google’s going to favor and index your website which will give you the ability to rank your website high and ultimately drive high volumes of traffic and you

As you can see there’s a lot at stake and a lot more at play for a small business’s website. Outside of just the aesthetics, you need to build your website with purpose and strategy.

When crafting your website for your business there are three key parties you need to focus on and consider.

1. Your Customer 
Build your website for your customer, not for yourself. And when I say that, what I mean is you’re going to be marketing this website, you’re going to want this website to reflect your business and speak directly to your customer. You need to implement the right messaging the right content to speak to Customer selling your brand selling your products and your services.

2. Your Brand & Offering
Your business, brand, identity, products/services will need to be communicated loud and clear and you need to ask yourself what do you stand for in the market? what is your point of difference in the market? Elevate this through a quality designed website and sell the benefit of your business.

3. Google
You need to consider Google when crafting your website. Now, this stems from the design to the content, and the structure and the development of your site. I see a lot of websites these days that look beautiful, but unfortunately, are just not going to work on Google. Consider Google when building your website. e.g. integrate google reviews into your website.

Don’t settle with that just a pretty website and don’t go with the cheapest option. Your website should be an absolute weapon in your business and a real key player in assisting the growth of your business. AiiMS build websites to do exactly this if you feel that your website is currently letting you down, it has no purpose and isn’t supporting the growth of your business. Feel free to reach out. We’ll give you a free website review as well as a marketing consultation. Just fill out the form below and one of our helpful consultants will contact you within 24hrs.



3 Factors You NEED To Consider When

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