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Our Offer*

  • A FREE landing page valued at $1,000 when you sign up to an AiiMS Google AdWords Campaign and spend a minimum of $20/day
  • Spend $100 or more per day on your campaign and we’ll add an extra $20/day to your budget, that’s 20% worth of value to your marketing (valid for the first 3 months)

Being an electrician is competitive, particularly in the capital cities, and stand out among thousands of others is demanding and can leave a business owner frustrated that the phone isn’t ringing or emails aren’t being received.

Investing in your businesses success by marketing to the right audience is key to growing your client database and building your business longevity.


You need to invest in the right strategy with an agency that knows how to attract customers to your business and, most importantly, create the opportunity for an enquiry. A combination of a great website and a targeted Google Adwords campaign will deliver you new clients. Its then up to the business owner to sell their service and win the business.

Understanding your return on investment for an online marketing campaign is important. Google Adwords average ROI is 2 to 1. You’ll get $2 back for every $1 you spend on your marketing campaign. Certainly worth considering but we’re in the business of improving your return on investment by utilising our industry sure all business owners want something better. This is where AiiMS have established ourselves as experts at creating more opportunities for our clients in particular, Electricians.

An extra $20/day on your Google AdWords spend can generate an average of 90 more customer clicks a month on your website. That’s an extra 20% of FREE credit towards your business success.

Marketing competitive keywords in the electrical industry is tough, there’s no doubting this based on the average cost per click for the words ELECTRICIAN SYDNEY being $5.00. Marketing competitive keywords can be expensive because everybody is bidding on those words but this is not necessarily the right strategy for your business or the right fit with your budget. Therefore, when you work with AiiMS we’ll establish your uniqueness and identify cost effective ways to promote your business to the right audience.

If you’re an electrician, you want to be on the first page of Google. This is where all the eyeballs are, with the drop off rate from Google page 1 to page 2 as high as 75%. This is even more relevant with mobile becoming the dominant form of search and customers clicking on the call button immediately when they find what they’re looking for.

Marketing on Google is the perfect way for a business to attract customers. More and more people are searching online than ever before and most importantly people are searching on mobile and enquiring straight away when they find what they’re looking for. Very relevant to an Electrician.

Why your website is important

You need an enticing ad and website to capture your audience. If you are an electrician not on the 1st page of Google you’re probably getting these stats:

  • Enquiries Per Month: 150
  • Average Monthly Traffic: 750
  • Average Conversion Rate: 4%

If you’re an AiiMS client with an AiiMS Marketing Campaign you’ll be getting stats like these:

Whereas our client is on the first page and receives:

Quick Connect Electrical Stats

Browse through our case studies to see some of the fantastic results we’ve achieved. Start here to discover one of our long established electrical clients – https://aiims.com.au/case-studies/quick-connect-electrical/

Why AiiMS

AiiMS are dedicated to helping you grow your business and we’re willing to add an extra $20.00 per day to your marketing budget for the first 3 MONTHS when you spend $100 or more a day on Google AdWords campaign with us. On average this extra credit can help you potentially generate an extra 120 leads per month from your website.

More than ever your online presence and website is essential to your businesses success. We design and develop websites to engage customers to enquire about your services.

At AiiMS we develop & execute digital marketing strategies accurately and efficiently to meet our client goals and expectations. For more information about how we have helped electricians visit our case studies page or for more information then please all 1300 756 039 or enquire now.