August 25, 2014


In the struggle to get ahead and become prominent amongst others present online, businesses have tried to incorporate as many tools of online marketing and promotion as possible, to target a wide group of customers. However, in an attempt to do so, they have ended up having too much on their plate. This has created difficulties in being able to manage all the tools involved and therefore businesses have failed to reap proper benefits that these online marketing tools have to offer.

It is quite important to have the right mix of online advertising and marketing tools as part of the online marketing campaign so that businesses are able to attract customers and win business from them. It is also important for businesses to have an updated knowledge regarding the new advertising and marketing tools that are re-shaping the world of online marketing and promotion.

For example, one of the recent entries in the world of online advertising is the Google Adwords Remarketing. This new strategy of online marketing focuses on customers that have already shown an interest with your business rather than targeting new customers. The focus of Google Adwords Remarketing is to win repeat customers for the business.

This is one of the newest strategies of increasing sales. What you do is you target customers who have already visited your website. You remind them of your presence and if formerly they did not do business with you, through remarketing, you try once again to win business from them. Remarketing makes use of cookies to track customers who have previously visited your website. Once the cookies are in place, you can try to reach these customers again via Google Adwords Remarketing. You can target them by making a customized message for them or even offer them something relevant to motivate them to return to your website and do business with you.

All you need to do is add a remarketing tag (in the shape of a piece of code) on your web pages. When customers visit, they are added to your remarketing lists which you can use later on to target them when they are searching products/services you offer on Google or other websites. The greatest advantage of using Google Adwords Remarketing comes from to its affiliation with the search engine giant Google. Google allows you to reach a wide audience due to its popularity and also because a large number of websites are a part the Google Display Network.

Google Adwords Remarketing allows you to customize your search for targeting previous visitors to your website. For example, you can generate a list of all those customers who created a shopping cart on your website but left your website before completing the transaction. Once you have that list, you can target them and remind them about your business or even offer something to motivate them to do business with you.

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