We moved the dial for this business with +346% in web traffic... Halo Marketing is no joke!

Working with AiiMS Group has been an absolute pleasure for We Move Sydney. From the very beginning, their team of experts listened to our goals and worked with us to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that was tailored to our needs. Their data-driven approach, combined with their cutting-edge technology, resulted in impressive results. Our website traffic increased by 187%, our conversion rate improved by 24%, and our conversions skyrocketed by 345%. The complete rebranding exercise also helped us reflect a better user experience and interface, which was reflected in our improved conversion rates. We're thrilled with the results and would highly recommend AiiMS Group to any business looking to enhance their online presence. They truly are the experts in the field, and their commitment to delivering results is unparalleled.!

Najeeb, We Move Sydney Director
We Move Sydney
About the business
AiiMS unboxes new online strategies for a removalist company

We Move Sydney boasts over 10 years of operational experience and a leadership group with well over 150 years of experience combined. With a focus on making home moving simple and easy, the company has refined its process and is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service.

Their commitment to delivering top-notch customer service, combined with their goal of improving their online presence, made the partnership a natural fit for AiiMS Group. Our team of experts was eager to help We Move Sydney reach new heights in terms of online growth and visibility, allowing the company to expand its customer base and further solidify its position as a leader in the removalist industry. With AiiMS Group's proven track record in online growth, we were confident that the partnership would be a success and help We Move Sydney achieve its goals.

“We’re moving forward with Halo marketing, All systems Go with AiiMS Group!”

AiiMS Group follows a comprehensive and data-driven approach to online growth for its clients. To achieve this, we adopted our Halo Marketing Strategy© and use a combination of popular search engines like Google and Bing for remarketing and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for paid and organic ads. Our AI-powered machine learning algorithms help us optimize ad bidding for maximum performance. Furthermore, we believe in delivering a complete user experience, which is why we also undertake complete rebranding exercises to reflect the best user interface and user experience, resulting in improved conversion rates and user journeys. All these efforts work together to provide our clients with the best possible online growth results.

We Move Sydney Goes the Extra Mile with AiiMS Group
+345% Increase in Conversions
+187% Increase in Website Traffic
+24% Increase In Conversion Rate

The Halo Marketing© Campaign for We Move Sydney (Group), executed by AiiMS Group, was a resounding success. The results speak for themselves, with a whopping 345% increase in conversions, a 187% surge in website traffic, and a significant 24% increase in the conversion rate. These impressive figures are a testament to the effectiveness of AiiMS Group's comprehensive and data-driven approach to digital marketing. The Halo Campaign was a coordinated effort that involved a combination of remarketing on search engines, social media advertising, AI-powered machine learning algorithms, and a complete rebrand to reflect the best user experience. The end result was a major boost in online growth and increased visibility for the removalist company, positioning it as a leader in its industry. This successful campaign is just one example of AiiMS Group's commitment to delivering results for its clients.

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