AiiMS helps drive 1,600 leads per month with an average cost per lead of $14 which is less than half of the industry average cost per lead!

We recently partnered with AiiMS and the results have been nothing short of outstanding! Their team brought their A-game and delivered an unbeatable digital marketing strategy that boosted our online presence and generated a flood of leads. Their expertise in SEO, Google Ads and website truly set them apart and we couldn't be happier with the results 👏🙌 The cost per lead decreased dramatically, and we saw a significant increase in both organic and paid leads. We highly recommend the Halo Marketing strategy to any business looking to improve their online presence and drive more leads. Thank you, AiiMS, for knocking down our pest problem and delivering unbeatable results! 

Andrew, Knockdown Pest Control
Knockdown Pest Control
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Sydney Pest Control Business had bigger dreams
13.5 X Growth in Organic Visibility
46 X Growth in Organic Leads Generated
177 X Growth in Paid Leads Generated

As a reputable pest control company, Knockdown Pest Control recognises the importance of having a strong online presence to reach and engage with potential customers. With AiiMS Digital Growth Agency's expertise in digital marketing, Knockdown Pest Control is well on their way to achieving their goals. The agency has provided a tailored approach to help the business stand out in their industry and drive growth through increased visibility and conversions. With a strong partnership and a proven track record of success, Knockdown Pest Control is poised for continued growth and success in the future.

AiiMS Boosts Sydney Pest Control with Custom Halo Marketing Strategy

AiiMS digital marketing recently implemented a halo marketing strategy for a Sydney pest control business that delivered outstanding results. The strategy included a custom web design and development with SEO wireframing, technical, content, and link-building SEO research, mapping, and implementation, as well as a paid and social ads strategy with management. The results speak for themselves, as the pest control business has seen significant growth in their online presence and engagement. With AiiMS' expert approach to digital marketing, the business is now better equipped to tackle any pest-related issue that comes their way.

Knockdown Pest Control can’t hold back the lead infestation
13.5 X Growth in Organic Visibility
46 X Growth in Organic Leads Generated
177 X Growth in Paid Leads Generated

AiiMS Digital Marketing recently delivered impressive results for a client with a 13.5x growth in organic visibility, 45.7x growth in organic leads generated, and a remarkable 177x growth in paid leads generated. Additionally, there was a significant 81% decrease in cost per lead, demonstrating the effectiveness and efficiency of the digital marketing strategy. These results showcase the power of a well-executed digital marketing plan and the impact it can have on a business's online presence and bottom line.

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