Factors That Affect Your Marketing Conversion Rates

For a service based business, there is a lot more to success from marketing, than simply just the marketing itself.

When engaging in digital marketing, particularly Google Ads or SEO, ensuring you have the right tools, systems and process in place is vital to the success of your marketing campaign. Advertising is a key driver but cannot be relied purely on for the growth of your business.

Lead Generation and especially Phone Call Enquiries, is by far the primary goal and objective for a Trade or Service based business when running digital marketing. When advertising for leads, the whole game is about “conversion rates” and how to consistently improve them. How many clicks to get a lead? How many leads to get a phone call? How many phone calls to get a job? Etc. etc.


Here at AiiMS, we’ve been achieving this and growing SME’s in Australia for over 10 years. Over this time we’ve built a wealth of knowledge, experience and success, not just in digital marketing, but in business in general. We know why business succeed from digital marketing and we know why they fail due to digital marketing. To improve your chances of survival, convert leads at a high rate and ensure you’re marketing is successful and drives the growth of your business, you need to address a few things.



Factors that affect your marketing conversion rates:

1. Digital Assets: Websites & Landing Pages

Your website needs to convert and is the difference between getting a ‘Click’ and getting a ‘Lead’. With Google Ads, you’re paying for these clicks so converting these into leads is vital. Ensure your website serves it’s purpose: Engages, Builds Value, Educates & Converts.


2. Pricing

No matter the industry or market, pricing and quotes is always a hot topic and key decision maker for your customers. How you display your prices through marketing and how you quote through sales will play a role in converting the lead.


3. Relevance, Location & Services

On your website and on your marketing, how relevant your content and messaging is key. Your visitor has searched because they have a ‘problem’, through marketing you need to immediately highlight the ‘solution’.


4. Uniqueness & Value

Google is a competitive marketplace… Why should your customer choose you? Highlight your true uniqueness and key points of difference over your competitors. Build and promote your value to your customer in your marketing.


5. Trust & Credibility

Reviews, trust building elements and overall credibility of brand. Build trust with your customer in your marketing. Highlight all positive online reviews, testimonials, past projects, awards, accreditations, clients etc. Trust is a key decision making factor for your customer.

There is an extremely fine line between SPENDING MONEY on advertising and MAKING MONEY from advertising. For a Trade or Service based business, Google can be a scary, volatile and expensive platform to market your business on. Focus on CONVERSION RATES, implement the right changes!



Every business needs to be in #survivalmode in the Digital Jungle!

For more info on how you can successfully navigate your business through this digital jungle, click HERE or call 1300 641 849



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