Creating Your New Website: Most Important Factors

Design your website for your Customer, not yourself

With more and more people and your customers, flocking online to search for products, services and solutions, a business’ website plays a huge role towards your overall success, customer acquisition and growth.

For any business, especially a Trade or Service, your website is one of the most important assets within your business. However, often neglected, understanding the true purpose of your website is extremely important.

You need to design and craft your website to suit its purpose. At AiiMS, 99% of all websites and digital assets we create for our clients are for the purpose of LEAD GENERATION, CUSTOMER ACQUISITION and BUSINESS GROWTH. If your business shares the same goals and objectives, than really need to address your website and where you may be losing customers!

What are some of the main purposes of a small business’ website?  

  1. Your ‘Digital Footprint’ and general online presence
  2. Place to highlight your brand, identity and value in the market
  3. Platform to showcase your products and services
  4. Marketing asset used to generate leads and new customers

Not only is a website your brand and identity online and a place for existing customers to visit and view your products and services. It is your digital shop front, billboard, marketing asset, sale rep and should be a major lead generator for your business.

Every day we come across some amazing looking websites, with business owners who have poured so much time, effort and money into creating the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing design to really showcase their brand. Now we are all for high quality and unique branding and design, however not at the expense of performance.

Don’t get caught up crafting your website purely based on your opinion. Create your website with your CUSTOMER and TARGET MARKET in mind first!

If you’re a plumber and looking to attract local customers and generate leads online, do you really think the photo of the sun setting over the ocean covering your entire home page is going to convert your visitors into leads? Be careful of the ‘template’ websites that push you in this direction. Custom design your website to suit your goals and meet your customer’s needs.

When building a website to generate leads, what is most important?

1. Understand your websites’ specific PURPOSE
If Lead Generation is your primary objective, you need to focus on converting visitors into leads, not just showing a ‘pretty website’

2. Understand who your customer is and what their problems are
What type of buyer is your customer? What’s important to them when looking for your service? What problems to they have and how can you solve them?

3. Get the right Content and Messages on your website
Identify who your customers are, how they make decisions, what’s important to them when buying, what problems they have. Your content and the use of messaging is then all about ‘solving’ these problems, highlighting your value and engage the customer

4. Uniqueness
When marketing for leads on Google, you need to understand that it is one of the most competitive marketplaces around. You’ve got the click and the visitor, why should the customer now engage with you. What’s UNIQUE about your business and services over your competitors

5. Fast Load-Time and Mobile Responsive
These days in most trades or services, the majority of your targeted traffic is coming to your website via a mobile device. Although still sometimes neglected and forgotten, if you want optimum lead gen opportunities, your website must load extremely fast and be fully mobile responsive

At AiiMS, we’ve built more custom websites for fast growing businesses than most web designers have had hot dinners. We’ll discover your business’ uniqueness in the market and create your new website tailored to meet your goals, support your brand and highlight your products & services online.

In the world of digital marketing, your ‘digital asset’ plays a huge role towards your overall success and ROI. Before you invest into digital marketing spend, and even more so, if you’re currently investing into digital marketing, go back and review your websites’ performance. Your marketing channel, campaign and budget may be spot on, but being let down by a leaking whole in the bucket via the way of your website…



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