COVID-19 Crisis and your Digital Marketing

Business is definitely not as usual. The world and the market has completely changed

We are clearly in global crisis right now, impacting public health as well as the economy Right now, many business are being forced to their close doors, and some unfortunately not surviving and closing down permanently. Whilst others that remain open are having to make substantial changes in order to survive In the digital marketing world for small business, this global crisis has heavily impacted performances.

With news unfolding by the minute and physical interaction and communication significantly reduced, more Australians are online than ever before…

  1. Search Volume on Google has maintained
  2. Google Ads Clicks have decreased
  3. Cost Per Clicks have reduced
  4. Online conversion rates have decreased
  5. Lead volume and Call volume has maintained

Right now, your marketing dollar and how far it stretches is vital to your survival rate. Having an ineffective digital marketing or lead generation campaign live and spending could be detrimental to your business. Every dollar, every click, every lead, every new customer really counts right now

Don’t be complacent and neglect an underperforming campaign. Get a hold of your marketing, build a strategy with the right people and keep the lifeblood of your business, being sales and acquisition, alive and performing. Business is definitely not as usual. The world and the market has completely changed.

For those businesses and trades that are still able to operate, you need to remain calm and stay focussed, but be pro-active and take action in your marketing and operation. Adapt to change!



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