For a small business owner, the Digital Jungle can be a scary and volatile market place to venture into.

For a small business owner, the Digital Jungle can be a scary and volatile market place to venture into. In the digital marketing world, there is so much noise!

So many “gurus” and “experts” telling you what to do, how to do it and promising the world from ‘these secret steps’ blah blah Running a business is hard enough as it is. Add in the very necessary, but difficult area of digital marketing and things get a lot harder!

  1. Google or Facebook?
  2. PPC or SEO?
  3. n-House or Outsource?
  4. Who can I trust?
  5. How much should I spend?
  6. What can I expect in return?

So many questions, so many different answers… depending on who you speak with or who’s trying to sell to you at the time!

AiiMS has been in operation in Australia for over 10 years with most of our members been in digital marketing for almost 20 years! This experience is just about 2nd to none in this industry and has allowed us to really gain a deep and thorough understanding of the small business landscape and the market in general. We’re not saying we have all the answers, but what we do have is 100% honest, transparent and fair dinkum advice, backed by experience, data and success.


Whether you are new to business, new to digital marketing or a veteran across both, here are our top 5 tips and things to consider when Choosing the RIGHT Digital Marketing Agency for your Business:

1. What is the Agency’s experience in Business and experience in Digital Marketing?

How long has your agency been running and what are there successes? Be cautious by an agency promising to grow your business when they themselves have only been in operating for 6 months and yet to experience challenges and growth themselves. Experience and proven success is everything!


2. What experience and success does the Agency have in your specific industry?

Understand what your agency’s experience is within your exact industry. Do they have examples or case studies of similar business’ they work with? It’s very important for your marketing agency to not just understand your business, your industry but they also need to properly understand your customer and the market itself.


3. Australian Based Agency!

This is a no-brainer. Be very cautious getting caught up in the “cheap” overseas options. Although the initial price may be appealing, the long-term costs to you in starting again is far greater. Working with an Australian or local based marketing team is super important. Your agency needs to understand your local market, but also need to be 100% accessible.


4. Are they just “digital experts” or do they understand Business (sales, marketing, systems, operation etc.)?

Specifically for a Trade or Service based business, there is a lot more to success than simply just buying a digital marketing product. It’s important to understand what your agency understands and how they can also help and guide you in more areas than just digital. Sales, Systems, Processes, Operations etc. are all integral elements within a  business that ensure digital marketing success. You can have the best digital strategy on the planet, but if you are unable to commercial your marketing than it’s useless to your business.


5. Does this Agency specialise in all marketing products and services?

Does your agency offer and specialise in all areas of marketing and digital or just one platform? You want to work with a team who can properly advise you on the most effective strategy for your business, regardless of the platform and from an un-bias perspective. Be careful you’re not being ‘sold’ a product, rather being provided with a solution.



Over the last 10 years in business, we’ve heard so many stories about bad experiences small business owners have had with digital marketing agencies. 50% I can guarantee is due to the cowboy you worked with, 50% is due to the lack of understanding or incorrect expectation from the business owner.

Make sure you do your due diligence on the agency you’re working with, but also ensure your values, direction and expectations are aligned. There is a lot more to success in digital marketing than simply just buying a ‘digital marketing product’.



For more info on how you can successfully navigate your business through this digital jungle, click HERE or call 1300 641 849




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