A Customer’s 5 Deciding Factors Before Purchasing

You may have heard me say this before but ‘Sales and Marketing in lamens terms is communication’. I’m a big believer in sales.

The best strategy is to profile your customer. understand who your customer is, what your customer’s problems are because they’ve reached out to you. After all, you have the solution and you’re better able to communicate the solution when you understand the problem.

In this article, I’d like to touch on some of the decision-making factors your customers make before purchasing. What helps form a decision for a customer to buy from you? This is relevant to trade or service-based businesses especially when you’re marketing for Lead Generation.

The pricing of your service/product should always be top of mind. Your customer always wants another price or a cheaper one, they’re what you call ‘price-sensitive’, this is just how the market b behaves. There are industries over others that are more price-sensitive nonetheless the topic of price is always going to hold weight in terms of the customer deciding to choose you or continue shopping around. You should always have a process in place to manage pricing objectives!

Your Availability & Punctuality
Essentially particularly for trade services, it’s going to be your availability. When you work in home maintenance or home services-based industry like plumbing, electrical, locksmith, etc. You’re marketing for lead generation and your availability is going to be a big player.

Let’s say I get locked out of my apartment and require an Emergency Locksmith, if that locksmith wasn’t able to attend or assist my problem there’s a big chance I’m not going to proceed or wait around for that particular Locksmith. I would then go back to Google where I started my journey and I’d look for another locksmith who is available. How you manage dispatch scheduling, your staffing your event ability is going to be vital.

Your Location
Your location/areas you service will play a large role in Lead Generation. Potential customers search and buy from local businesses especially trades & services.  Remember to make your locations and areas you service visible on your website, Google My Business Listing, ad/print copy and other social platforms you are using.

The trust you build online is your ultimate weapon, it conveys your credibility and is another deciding factor before a customer chooses your service/product.

Remember that the customer is inviting you into their home and want to feel safe. There are a number of ways that you can showcase your quality, your trust and your credibility in the market that holds weight when the customer is shortlisting you and another competitor you can do this by:

  • Showcasing your previous projects
  • Online Reviews
  • Videos etc.

The Quality of  Your Service/Product
Be the specialist in your industry, be what the customer is looking for and don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Ask yourself this:

  • Am I showcasing my key products?
  • Are my services clearly communicated?
  • How am I setting myself apart from the crowd?
  • Have I mentioned my years of experience in the industry?
  • Am I demonstrating my craftmanship?

Through marketing, you have the ability to create the identity that your business needs.

Marketing is a beautiful monster, if executed correctly your businesses will be perceived as a reputable one. With a great brand and a well-designed website, you have the ability to dictate what your brand stands for. It’s pivotal that you utilise that!

All of the above
All the above factors work simultaneously one is not more important than the other. I guarantee if you can nail all five of these points you are one step closer to understanding and positively contributing to the customer’s decision-making process.



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