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Perfect Hair was referred to AiiMS with a need to eliminate their website issues, including poor website design, security and performance.

The company consisted of 3 brands operating across 3 different websites and they wanted amalgamate them all into one unique all encompassing website with the aim of targeting the very specific market of stockists for their range of products.

AiiMS ‘Business Discover’ uncovered the uniqueness of their service and websites and established call to actions for their business that would drive engagement.
We designed and developed a new and exciting one stop website built in Magento that was at the forefront of user experience and engagement and contained a page for Stockists, a store locator and shopping cart and we installed security measures on the site to prevent hacking.

The results have been nothing short of outstanding. The design and functionality of the site has resulted in very high user engagement which in turn has pushed the site ranking way up on the first page.

The success of AiiMS has seen Perfect Hair establish their brand as the market leader which other like for like businesses continue to attempt to emulate.

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