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Lock Boss enquired with AiiMS 3 years prior but against better judgement went with another agency.
Through a follow up call we were able to engage Lock Boss with our services.
Lock Boss quickly revealed that online marketing had not been a past success and they were pretty burnt by their previous agency.

AiiMS started with our ‘Business Discovery’ methodology which revealed Lock Boss’s lack of knowledge and understanding about digital marketing. Also of concern was the click fraud that they had experienced with no resolution provided by their old agency.

A side effect of having gone with an agency that wasn’t committed to their ROI was the lack of funding available to fully commit to marketing.
Lock Boss agreed to go with a one month trial with $1,000 to work with. With a very limited budge to work with in this very competitive industry, we accepted the challenge knowing that we could deliver the results and restore the online marketing credibility.

AiiMS created an AdWords Campaign, set up tracking and fraud management and went to market.
In the first fortnight the client was amazed at the results, truly amazed.

Lock Boss continues to market with AiiMS and has tripled their monthly budget to $3,000 and such is the value of the marketing they are seeing with AiiMS, they have plans to triple their budget again in the coming year, add SEO and a brand new custom designed website to their business.

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