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GBA was a business that was actually ranking well and achieving good results but were looking to refresh the brand.

An interesting insight into GBA was their lack of understanding into the performance of their online business. They had no knowledge of where the leads were coming from.
AiiMS were determined to educate GBA and improve their ROI from their website.

Firstly we redesigned and redeveloped the website to freshen it up.
A huge challenge was the migration of the new site to the existing domain without losing the fantastic organic ranking. We successfully made the transition and the new design went to work improving the ranking and conversion rate.

We then installed every possible tracking, analytics, conversion tracking, call tracking, we installed it all. We took this information and used it to help educate GBA on where their leads were coming from and how to better handle the enquiries while monitor and measuring the staff performance to turn them into better sales staff.
AiiMS continue to manage the SEO and maintenance of the site and keep the business well ahead of the competition.

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