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Brian Brothers Electrical was an AiiMS referred client, starting out as a brand new business looking to launch into the very competitive industry.
They were oblivious to online marketing, so for AiiMS this was a fantastic opportunity to create a brand and bring it to market as a complete package.
Early into the ‘Business Discovery’ we established their unique selling points and a point of difference that would get them to stand out in the market place.
AiiMS design team set about creating a distinct and instantly recognisable logo and colour combination which was an instant hit with the client.
Thrilled with the logo and website design, we developed the site and set it live with AdWords.
Brian Brothers Electrical were an instant success from the moment the site launched. The design, colouring, streamlined user experience and great CTA’s all came together perfectly with their campaign. AiiMS set about completing the project with offline products such as stickers and brochures.
Brian Brothers Electrical are busy, busier than they ever thought possible with a new business and they’re loving the success with plans already to expand to a second truck in under 12 months of business commencing!

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