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Background: BNE REMOVALS approached AiiMS in November 2015 about an AdWords Campaign.

We conducted our Business Discovery process to uncover all the details of what they wanted to achieve as a company and ensure we could manage their goals and expectations.
AiiMS had been managing existing removal company ad campaign so we were already ahead in our knowledge of the industry. We established key elements that were to drive our approach.
1) They were a moderately successful removalist operating with four trucks, targeting Brisbane only
2) They had an unsuccessful, self-managed campaign spending an average of $150/day
3) They had never used a marketing agency before and were looking for assistance in growing their business.
4) they had never tracked our measured the performance of their campaign;
5) they wanted consistent leads to be able to expand the business;
6) They were committed to growing.

We committed ourselves to a deeper understanding of the business, asking questions like;
1) How many jobs can you do in a day? Are the trucks large or small and how many staff do they carry?
2) What’s the value of one lead to your business?
3) Do you want to target the big jobs (the rare jobs) or are they happy to take all work?
4) Are your leads via phone or online and who manages the leads. Do they have an automated response system? Do they follow up with a call or an email?

By asking these questions we established that the margin in their work was minimal. It was important that the process of managing the leads was effective. No point having a great campaign that delivers enquires but these are not closed.

Initially we worked with the clients existing campaign and made recommended changes but it became evident that a new more targeted campaign was necessary so we could track, monitor and measure performance accurately.

The new campaign was an immediate success for BNE Removals increasing conversion rate from 24% to 40% in the first quarter. It went from 544 enquires a quarter to 14329 hitting a high season peak of 52% We monitored the performance and paid close attention to their ability to convert the leads. We wanted to ensure the client was getting the value out of the campaign and not falling over at the final hurdle.

Things began to move quickly on the back of the successful AdWords campaign and in December 2015 and the discussion about opening another operation in a complete new state commenced. Melbourne, some 1675 kilometres from Brisbane, was decided as the next city to expand operations to. MLB Removal was launched in December 2015 with two trucks on a small campaign budget of $2,000/m

In February 2016 MLB Removals introduced a 3rd truck and increase spend to generate opportunities for the 3rd truck. We spoke on the success of the campaign and it was agreed that they would continue adding trucks to the fleet if we kept delivering the opportunities.

The success of both Brisbane and Melbourne AdWords campaign was based on a single page, basic landing page. In March 2016 AiiMS we started discussing the benefits of a fully custom designed and developed AiiMS website with conversion points that:
1. Highlights the uniqueness of the business
2. Has multiple conversion funnels
3. Displays rates with attractive pricing
4. Demonstrates a wide service area
5. Provides a promotion to create a sense of urgency
6. Display multiple options to provide the illusion of possible cheaper options

Additionally, a website would all increased engagement and effective SEO. At the same time, we recommended increasing the budget for BNE as it was exceeding his ROI. The client was more than happy to proceed.

May 2016 MLB Removals campaign budget was increased on the back of the success of BNE
Our research into the Melbourne market, determined that it is more competitive so the campaign budget was increased above that of the home base in Brisbane.
The operation continued to grow on the back of the campaign success and PMA Removals in PERTH was launched with 2 trucks. We used the data acquired from the existing campaigns to go live with an initial small budget daily budget.

June 2016, we launched the new, AiiMS designed and developed, websites for BNE Removals and MLB Removals which included; quick quote forms and online booking functions. The bookings forms were to replace a lot of internal; manual processes and improved tracking enquiry tracking.

By the end of JULY 2016 MLB Removals and BNE Removals had hugely increased their spend and were getting fantastic returns. The fleets had grown to 8 trucks in Melbourne, 10 in Brisbane

In January 2017 SND Removals was introduced to the Sydney market again on the back of successful campaigns in the other states.

As of May 2017, the company receives over 700 bookings a week across 4 states and operates with 28 trucks!

Future goals are to improve performance in the highly competitive Sydney market and expand operations into Adelaide. Value add services will be introduced in the future such as boxes and bubble wrap, to make the service offering more attractive.

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