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The pest control business is a highly competitive and cut throat industry with everyone promoting competitive offers that consumers find hard to ignore, so how do you get ahead?

Firstly, you need a website or landing page that promotes what you’re selling in a way that people can understand exactly what the offer is and even more importantly make a purchase or enquiry immediately.

Our Offer*

AiiMS are dedicated to helping you grow your business and we’re offering:

  • Free Landing Page to the Value of $1,000 when you sign up to Google AdWords with a minimum spend of $20 per day.
  • Spend $100 per day on Google AdWords and we’ll add an extra $20 to your daily budget for the first three (3) months of your marketing campaign

Our offer is full of value you will not find anywhere else. Make the most of both offers today and the extra credit on your budget can help you generate, on average, an extra 120 leads per month to your landing page.

A landing page is a fantastic, cost effective way of creating a lead generating page that funnels opportunities to your business. You don’t have to make any adjustments, rebuild or rebrand your existing website. A landing page can promote a particular product or service your existing site or build a brand next one to start getting conversions hence making very cost effective.

You need a targeted marketing campaign and high converting land page to back up your advertising. If you don’t have an effective landing page then all your hard earned marketing dollar is going to be wasted on people only looking not enquiring.

A landing page is the door to your business and with everyone searching online for a Pest Control business that’s offering virtually the same “deals” or “discounts”, how are you going to stand out amongst the competition?

AiiMS are experts in marketing trades and service businesses and we’ve had enormous success in creating marketing campaigns that target the right audience by creating landing pages that convert consumers into customers.

Why AiiMS

We’ll uncover your unique selling points to build you the most effective campaign targeting the right market.

Our Business Discovery session is designed to find out what you want to achieve from your marketing, And we’re not afraid to tell you if your goals fit within your marketing budget.

We’ll build you a landing page for your business that will create more opportunities for you to get that enquiry and the best part, we’ll build it for FREE!!

AiiMS case studies speak volumes for our success within the trades and services sector, in particular, the Pest Control industry. If you want to get ahead and be successful in the Pest Control business, you need to be speaking with us.

Why Market Online

If you’re a Pest Control, you want to be on the first page of Google. This is where people are looking. It’s a fact that 75% of people do not go to the second page of Google.

With the emergence of mobile searching by consumers it is more important than ever to be front and centre. Mobile first is all about the need it now purchasers. These are the people who are looking for a particular product or service on their mobile phone because they want to enquire or purchase.

Consumers are not using their mobile phones to browse your business, they are using mobile to click and call, click and enquire or click and buy.

Marketing your services on Google will attract business but only if it’s done right.

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Check out our case studies for Pest Controls and see for yourself why we know how to get results, start here to discover

More than ever your online presence and website is essential to your businesses success. All our design and development work is custom and performed in house, we do not use template sites, ever. All our digital marketing strategies are unique and built around our clients budgets and goals. Isn’t it time your business got ahead of the competition!

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