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Google’s mobile-first index will rank search listings based on the mobile version of your content. With more searches conducted on mobile than desktop a mobile responsive, fast loading website is more important than ever. AiiMS design and develop custom websites and apply our marketing principals to make every click a conversion and deliver a greater return on your marketing dollar.

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Why You Need a Visual Content Strategy

AiiMS Before and After Logos

Visual content creates 80% more opportunities than text alone.

Discovering unique ways to deliver your brands content is often challenging at best. Creating a visual strategy can be a great stepping stone to consistent social posts and establishing your brands identity.

Add statistics, facts and figures to your visual content to further improve your engagement and entice people to follow, like and enquire.


Visual content that has no strategy and is simply random images, isn’t the best approach for your brand and it will only serve to confuse your viewers as to what your business is about.

You need a strategy that has a consistent style and delivery that targets your consumers to ensure long term engagement and not just likes for your one off, funny meme post.


So, how do you create a visual content strategy that is enticing and represents your brand? AiiMS recently recognised the importance of establishing a consistent brand presences and this is the approach we’re taking.

  1. Goal – Increase brand awareness, improve traffic and engagement to help drive enquires and sales.

We know our clients love our work and the results we achieve for their business, the challenge was to show this to the rest of world. Our visual approach was designed around our achievements for our clients.

Using our creatively brilliant design team we had delivered a huge range of great content that we could use as our imagery, couple this with our campaign results and we knew the approach to take.


  1. Target – we set out a target of 20% increase in enquires.
  1. Looking back to move forward – Looking back at our previous content, we knew we’d fallen into the same trap as a lot of other businesses. We were only posting random images that may have represented our industry but not our brand. Being in digital marketing we were posting a lot of sales & marketing and Google related images but with nothing to relate it back to AiiMS.

Sure, our images got a few likes but they were not inspiring consumers to enquire with us? The answer was clear. They only served to be a social post, nothing more.

We needed to attract people to our brand in a far more engaging manner.

  1. Our Logo – We recently refreshed our logo, same style but with a stronger, powerful colour to better represent our brand. So, how were we going to use the new logo within our visual content? We wanted to ensure all our content was branded as AiiMS but not too overpowering that it detracted from the content imagery or message. We came up with. Powered by AiiMS


At AiiMS, we have in house designers who provided mock ups before we settled on how the brands logo would look. We were going to be using the logo everywhere so it was important to ensure we were happy with the styling.

When you think of logo’s there are thousands of simple but instantly recognisable brands; think Target, Facebook, Apple, McDonalds, Ferrari, etc


Once you settle on a design you can build around it but be sure to keep a consistent approach.

  1. Is there such thing as too much? – Possibly. There’s a fine line between too much and not enough. We wanted to make sure we were posting regularly, particularly on via the visually driven sites; Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus & Facebook.

Our approach is to provide insight into our work, the results we achieve for our clients and make our tone more conversational when added the context to the images. We didn’t want to post how great we are, over and over, again we wanted to place more emphasis on our client’s results.

  1. Quality of Images matters – Visually, images need to be high quality.


  1. Using Hashtags – We trialled a few hashtags but maintained our company tag line #DiscoverYourUniqueness to build consistency in our brand. We discovered that some worked better than others. Always check the hashtag to see who else is using it and if it fits your brand or your intended audience. Our target is mainly small to medium businesses as potential customers so we focused our hashtags in this area.



  1. Targeting – Making sure our clients were loving our posts and their imagery we were using was important to engagement. We placed an emphasis on hashtags with our client’s brand to get more likes and reposts to improve the organic engagement. This has helped generate more followers
  1. Video & GIF’s – video content is a necessary area of expansion for the AiiMS branding of the future

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all allow video content and it is becoming more and more important to brands to engage consumers in this manner.

  1. Post Scheduling – We carried out a few trials to see when people were engaging and there is more than enough online recommendations for the most appropriate times but we settle on morning posts for the best results


To date AiiMS strategy has proven successful and we’re happy with the direction the results are heading. If you’re considering a marketing strategy AiiMS has the right resources, knowledge and skills to deliver the results. Discover Your Uniqueness today.