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Digital Marketing: Understanding Goals and Tracking Success

Digital Marketing: Understanding Goals and Tracking Success

Online Marketing and more specifically, Search Engine Marketing, is, is all about results. From the first time you create an ad campaign, it’s important to know what you want to gain from your campaign, what your goals are and how you’re going to measure and track your success. 

Whether it be brand awareness, visibility and online presence, website enquiries, phone enquiries, increased sales, conversions, or ROI; establishing, identifying these goals of online marketing and then tracking the performance is very important and could be the difference between success or failure.

Not only understanding the overall goals of the business’ online marketing but also completely identifying what we are classifying as a conversion is very important. This could range from completing the enquiry form, making a purchase from the site, subscribing to a newsletter, improved bounce rate etc.

Having dealt with so many businesses in various industries, sectors and each with different marketing goals, AiiMS not only has the experience and expertise in identifying and tracking performance, but we’ve also developed and right tools to measure success. The various types of regularly used and recommended tracking and reporting tools are; Phone Call Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics Goals and Funnels.

Finally, by implementing the right tracking and reporting tools, it allows the business owner to fully understand the performance of their marketing but also understand their customer better. Using past data from any marketing campaign is the best information in planning future campaigns and direction of ongoing advertising. Understanding where success has previously come from and the trend of your customer, will allow you to optimise your campaigns and follow the right strategy. AiiMS is brilliant at identifying this for our customers and planning for consistent growth in performance.

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