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AiiMS Group Flashback Fuel Friday

Petrol at 90’s prices – thanks to AiiMS Group, Sydney’s newest powerhouse in the Australian digital landscape.

AiiMS Group; Australian Institute of Internet Marketing Services, is what happens when two giants in their own right, Smart SEO and I-Ads merge with a shared vision to super service Australian businesses.

Providing a one-stop shop where clients are guaranteed expert advice and cutting edge solutions that make growing a business online both easy, affordable and ultimately delivering real-time, measurable results.

 Their unification will strive to provide Australian business with a unique 360-degree full service agency experience, that takes the stress and guess work out of having a successful and effective online presence for their goods or services.

To celebrate this merger, AiiM’s is taking their company ethos of
helping business to the streets of Sydney and helping Sydney siders save some cash at the pump.

On Friday August 29 – between 7 and 9am, commuters will have the chance to fill up on fuel for just .99cents per litre at Budget Petrol,
20-22 Burwood Rd, Concord NSW 2137.

Considering the last time Sydney siders saw these prices was in the 90s, AiiMS Group has enlisted the help of a number of epic 90s icons to fill the tanks, including impersonations by Madonna, Vanilla Ice and an exclusive performance by non other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

This is an event not to be missed and prices Sydney commuters will never witness again.

Are you ready to step back in time?

For further inquiries, please contact Romel | | 02 9660 8796


Google Remarketing

In the struggle to get ahead and become prominent amongst others present online, businesses have tried to incorporate as many tools of online marketing and promotion as possible, to target a wide group of customers. However, in an attempt to do so, they have ended up having too much on their plate. This has created difficulties in being able to manage all the tools involved and therefore businesses have failed to reap proper benefits that these online marketing tools have to offer.

It is quite important to have the right mix of online advertising and marketing tools as part of the online marketing campaign so that businesses are able to attract customers and win business from them. It is also important for businesses to have an updated knowledge regarding the new advertising and marketing tools that are re-shaping the world of online marketing and promotion.

For example, one of the recent entries in the world of online advertising is the Google Adwords Remarketing. This new strategy of online marketing focuses on customers that have already shown an interest with your business rather than targeting new customers. The focus of Google Adwords Remarketing is to win repeat customers for the business.

This is one of the newest strategies of increasing sales. What you do is you target customers who have already visited your website. You remind them of your presence and if formerly they did not do business with you, through remarketing, you try once again to win business from them. Remarketing makes use of cookies to track customers who have previously visited your website. Once the cookies are in place, you can try to reach these customers again via Google Adwords Remarketing. You can target them by making a customized message for them or even offer them something relevant to motivate them to return to your website and do business with you.

All you need to do is add a remarketing tag (in the shape of a piece of code) on your web pages. When customers visit, they are added to your remarketing lists which you can use later on to target them when they are searching products/services you offer on Google or other websites. The greatest advantage of using Google Adwords Remarketing comes from to its affiliation with the search engine giant Google. Google allows you to reach a wide audience due to its popularity and also because a large number of websites are a part the Google Display Network.

Google Adwords Remarketing allows you to customize your search for targeting previous visitors to your website. For example, you can generate a list of all those customers who created a shopping cart on your website but left your website before completing the transaction. Once you have that list, you can target them and remind them about your business or even offer something to motivate them to do business with you.

So, if you are a small to medium sized business operating in Australia and you want more information about this and need any information about many other tools of online marketing and promotion available for your business, visit The Australian Institute of Internet Marketing Services can help you create a perfect online marketing campaign, using the right mix of the newest and most effective tools, to help you win customers and grow your business. So contact us, we would be more than happy to hear from you!


First Google Partner Badge

Online advertising is a whole new world for businesses to explore. Making your presence online felt is a challenge for all businesses. With so much information clutter on the internet, it is important to stand out in order to be noticed by customers. Merely setting up a website is not enough to win customers and to grow your business. There are so many tools of online advertising that are available for businesses to use today, that knowing and implementing each one is quite difficult.

Businesses need to know what tools of online advertising and promotion they need to include as part of their marketing campaign, in order to be able to grow their business and win over customers. The Australian Institute of Internet Marketing Services (AIIMS) can help you create the perfect online marketing mix starting from setting up a website to creating your presence on the social media. So visit Aiims Group and explore how we can help you create the magic online.

With the rapid innovation and the speed of development, new tools for online marketing and promotion have come up. We deal with the latest tools of online marketing and promotion, such as Google Display Advertising. Being affiliated with the search engine giant Google, the Google Display Advertising is one of the newest and effective ways of attracting customers to your business.

The Google Display works in a way that it allows you to create advertisements of all types. You can create advertisements based on text, images, videos or a mix of these, and then place them on websites that are relevant to your line of business.

The Google Display Advertising works differently as compared to Google Adwords Advertising. What happens is that rather than your Ad being displayed on the results page that is generated when customers enter a query, your Ad appears on the website which the customers click on from the results of the query. Google has a display network, of which your ad will also be a part. The keywords you provide in your ad are matched as a whole and a theme is determined for your Ad. When the theme of your Ad matches with a webpage in the Google display network, your Ad is shown on that webpage.

You can control the placement of your Ad by using the ‘Managed Placements’ tool. The advantage of using this tool is that you can determine the websites on which you want your Ad to be displayed. You can even decide the exact location within a website where you want your Ad to be displayed. For example, you choose that your Ad be displayed in the ‘Entertainment’ section of a popular online magazine.

The best advantage is that when you use the Google Display Advertising you can use images and videos for advertising rather than restricting your ad to text. You can communicate so much more with a picture. Some products or services require the help of a video or an image to give a better idea to the customers. Showing is easier than telling, and now with Google Display Advertising, you can do so!

If you are a business operating in Australia and you feel that relying on text ads is not bringing in traffic to your website and is not being able to win customers for your business, it is time to move on to Google Display Advertising. AIIMS can help you out with this as it offers many other tools that can be helpful for growing your business through online marketing. So visit and get started!


First Google Partner Badge

As a small to medium sized business, is it difficult to decide how much time you should spend concentrating and making strategies concerning your business and what part of your time you should spend on designing and managing your online marketing strategy. If you focus too much on following up on your online marketing efforts, you might lose precious time required to focus on your business.

This is why; hiring companies that offer online marketing solutions are a preferred choice for businesses, so that they can worry about their business and handover the responsibility of designing and managing online marketing campaign to the experts.


The Google Certified Partners include SEO companies, online marketing professionals, social media expert companies, marketing consultants, and other such companies and individuals who are in the line of offering online marketing solutions.

As a business, all you have to do is generate a search query in the Google Partnership Search and get hold of the list of Google Certified Partners. Out of these partners, you can select and contact the ones whose services you would like to avail.

Google has made a list of requirements that the advertising professionals need to meet before they can become part of the Google Certified Partners. For example, one of the conditions for becoming a Google Certified Partner is that the company must have at-least one individually qualified employee.

The Google Certified Partner program can be of a great help for your business. You can grow your business by hiring one of these trusted Google Certified Partners, because you have to be offering top notch quality services in order to become a Google Certified Partner. So all you need to do is search from Google Partners, the right partner for your business.

The speed with which new tools of online marketing are entering the online world, it is difficult to gain knowledge about them and then implement them for your business. It is far more convenient to hire the services of a professional to explore online marketing tools such as Google Certified Partner and identify those which can be used by your company, allowing your business to grow. By visiting Aiims you will discover that the Australian Institute of Internet Marketing Services can help your small to medium sized business operating in Australia grow.

Aiims provides a complete package of online marketing solutions under one roof. You can avail our services starting from the very first point of creating a website until the utilization of more sophisticated tools, such as the Google Certified Partner Program.

So what are you waiting for? Allow us to create and execute a customized and tailor-made online marketing campaign for your business. Visit and contact us today so that we can begin working together!